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From a divorce to a custody battle, family law matters can tear the very fabric of your existence. For friendly, expert family law services, reach out to us right away.

Getting fair treatment for wrongful injuries done to you or your loved ones need not be a painful task anymore. Take a look at our personal injury services.

Facing a criminal charge and investigation can turn your life upside down. Tilt the scales of justice back in your favor with our criminal defense services.

If you have any problems with estate planning, real estate, and work compensation, you can bank on our 21 years of expertise for a speedy resolution.

Protect your family

Help for personal injuries

Tip the scales in your favor

21 years of expertise

From buying and selling real estate to facing criminal investigations, dealing with the law can be daunting. At Glenn A French Attorney at law, you will find an experienced and friendly hand that will guide you through your legal worries.


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