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Buying and selling real estate is not only one of the most important and rewarding experiences. but also one of the most complicated decisions that one can enter, usually with significant legal and financial implications.


In any real estate deal, both Buyer and Deller must review multiple complex documents, including legally binding papers, requiring signatures. As you enter any deal of primary concern beyond the actual real estate itself is to ask; who is looking out for you? Who is explaining your responsibilities as you sign legal documents?


What you need is the help of experienced real estate attorneys who will go through complex legal documents to ensure that your interests are well protected.

Legalities concerning buying or selling real estate can become easy with the right legal help.


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Whether you are buying or selling real estate, there are several complex documents involved that need to be thoroughly analyzed. There are chances that you might overlook important loopholes that could compromise your investment in the future.


Our experienced and professional attorneys will review every single inch of all the documents involved, so that you can focus purely on buying and selling property.

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Trust is another key factor when choosing the right legal help for your real estate transactions. In a lot of cases, legal teams resort to malpractices, including colluding with the other party to make a profit.


Our 30 years of experience and literally hundreds of happy clients in Framingham and MetroWest speak for themselves.


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Our experienced attorneys at Glenn A French Attorney at law understand that making sense of all the different legal documents involved in purchasing real estate can be quite confusing. You can count on our three decades of experience to ensure that your rights will never be violated.

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