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Regardless of how you may feel, your employers are humans too. Although no job in this world is safe from risks, your employer is required to provide fair compensation if you are injured in your line of work, be it in an office or a construction site.

A workplace injury can put you out of an income for a long time.


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Unlike a lot of other law firms out there, we do not believe in an attorney-client relationship. We prefer building a person-to-person relationship. We genuinely care about your situation and make it our mission every time to do everything humanly possible to get you justice.


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At Glenn A French Attorney at law, we understand the pain you go through when accidents happen at your workplace. If you are facing any problems in receiving fair compensation from your employer for a workplace injury, our attorneys will work with you to ensure that you receive what is rightfully yours.

We will help you defend your rights as an employee

Your employer is bound by law to provide compensation for your workplace injury

Work injury


  • Construction and industrial work accidents

  • Car accidents on the job

  • Recovery of workers' compensation for health care workers, office workers, carpenters, cable installers, electricians, firefighters, teamsters, and others